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into the light
Into the Light

by Claire Ottenstein-Ross

The subject of this collection is the colors of an heirloom quilt; the sun-scorched vistas of West Texas; the luminous shafts making stained-glass patterns in a clearing in the woods; the hues imbuing love; and the Muse perched upon the edge of radiance. Read these poems. Linger for a while in the brightness.

Larry D. Thomas
2008 Texas Poet Laureate

To open Into the Light by Claire Ottenstein-Ross is to wander through the portals of her deep love for Texas. “The Coverlet” paints verbal pictures upon the pages with her poignant memories. Claire’s words root deep and lend wings to a rainbow voyage across time.

Jeanette L. Strother, President,
The Poetry Society of Texas

This book of poems entitled Into the Light is a fascinating array that demonstrates the poetic talent of its author. Each composition reveals a heart that is attuned to nature, as well as the common and ordinary things that are the real fabric of life. Claire makes me think and that’s always a good thing.

Lonnie Ritchie, Gospel Preacher
Author of Think About It: A Layman’s Simple Commentary on the New Testament
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