About the MAP

The MAP (Map of Austin Poetry), originally an email newsletter for a group of Austin (Texas) poets who called themselves Austin Poets At Large (APAL), had its beginnings in the mind of one of APAL's founding members, Stazja McFadyen.

Tha APAL newsletter was an informal information sheet about the poetry venues in Austin, Texas, at first, and soon also published subscriber poetry. Soon after its inception, and, as Stazja connected with poets around Texas, the MAP evolved from a local information sheet to include an increasing number of poetry venues across the state.

Following Stazja's move to Clearwater, Florida, the MAP expanded its reach to include listings of poetry venues in many other locations across the US. As poets across the country became aware of the MAP, submissions for pubication in the themed issues poured in.

The MAP no longer publishes subscriber poetry, but continues to provide information about poetry veues across Texas and elsewhere and post subscriber announcements. Stazja too has moved over to leave editing the MAP in the able hands of Midge Kocen, a former Festival Director for the Austin International Poetry Festival.

About the Archive

This archive contains some of the earliest APAL newsletters (apal newsletter 3) through MAP # 172, which are no longer archived on the MAP's Yahoo Groups pages. Several issues are missing (for one reason or another), but the search is on to locate them.

If you have a copy of one (or more) of the missing MAPS, please send it to the .

The missing issues are:

APAL Newsletter 1-2
APAL Newsletter 11
APAL Newsletter 14-27
MAP 51
MAP 53
MAP 69-70
MAP 95-105
MAP 107-153
MAP 172-188

Beginning with MAP #189-1 (Jun 22, 2001), newer versions of the MAP are available at its Yahoo! Groups home.

The MAPs numbered above 188 on this site are archived at the request of one of the subscribing contributors. Others who would like PITA to archive issues of the MAP in which their work appeared are welcome to send copies to the .