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Theme: - Jungle Fever

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Now for the poetry.  This week's selections include:

1.  "Glass Jungle" by Chuck Rice
2.  "At The End Of The Day" by Michael Levy
3.  "Omen" by Marilyn Injeyan
4.  "Skin" by Lehua Lin
5. "Bananas" by Ingeborg Carsten-Miller

1.  Glass Jungle by Chuck Rice

hidden fear
haunts me,
taunts me
like unseen eyes,
a jungle cat
stalking my back,
spitting fierceness
of hot lions,
heart pounding
deadly strength
of a tiger
leaping at my spine
with a panther's crippling cunning.
A sinister flash of teeth
through dark sweaty leaves
spasms nerves.
I consider their sharpness,
the strength of it's jaws,
resign myself
to the bowels of its stomach.
Would I survive
the acids,
the destruction
of its worst blow?
I stand ground
in the clearing of reason
and face myself.

© Chuck Rice
2. At The End Of The Day by Michael Levy

Ravenous; in the social jungle
work all the hours God sends
worry about the investments.

Be a tramp ... with zero in the bank
walk the streets.

A billionaire or pink-lint (skint)
the only difference are the naughts.

Therefore; give this some thought
At the end of the day ...
Money - Matters...Add - Up - To - Naught!!

Wise folks of old say the graveyards
are the richest place on earth.

Why? I hear you ask.

Because they all took their hoarded
talent/genius, inner-treasures with them.....
Buried; labeled unused.

© Michael Levy
3.  Omen by Marilyn Injeyan

A low rumbling emanates
in the kitchen from the creature
her husband bought
She wonders if it's harmless
like Tony the Tiger, Tigger
or the one in the Friskies ad
leaping over a couch alongside
an orange tabby to the whirring
grind of a can opener

Could it be William Blake's
dread beast or Henri Rousseau's
feline sprite peering through
foliage in Persian opulence
like kiln-fused enamels?
Is it to gift her with more heart
or grace?
                   She asks him how
the wild cat will be fed.  He replies
"I'll cut you up and it can
nibble on pieces, a little at a time"

It might stalk in black-striped
camouflage to strike in stealth
a final lunge - front claws impaling
flesh like meat hooks embedded
in chest, jaws clamped on throat
suffocating, as she ceases struggle
Then after it gorges, remains
stashed under talus and scree
while the predator patrols

Or, maybe it's her portent as a poet
to become the thief of fire, burning bright

© Marilyn Injeyan
4.  Skin by Lehua Lin

You've thought of it all!
Candle light,
coconut ice,
and fur on the floor!
I really like the way you wear your hair
and nothing else.
And I really love the way you turn
your smile into strip-tease!
But, I can't help feeling something's wrong.
You say that we're spinning,
and it's really not just me.
That doesn't help me figure out
how I can be a prisoner in latex
seven minutes after three!
Must be something strange I kissed...
maybe when my eyes were closed.
I just can't help feeling something's wrong!
So, tell me...
what is going on?
I thought I'd already come.
It didn't used to be like this.
Must be all that sleep I missed!
But, how come I'm still wrapped inside your rubber
as I wriggle at your feet?
Tell me.
What's going on?
I'm sure I've already come!
I just can't help feeling something's wrong...
or is it right,
this way I feel?
Get me out of here!
WARNING: To avoid danger of suffocation,
keep thin film away from big babies. 
Do not  use in bed.
This is not a toy.
Tie a knot prior to throwing away.

© 2002 Lehua Lin
5.  Bananas by Ingeborg Carsten-Miller

I told him,

in all my life
have I been surrounded
by so many bananas
inside & outside
my stomach!"

are good for you:
provide you
are nourishing,
healthy, soft, yellow,

bananas are
very good for you
if you want
to go bananas -
nobody will stop you:
go ahead!

are good for you
and especially
at 59 cents
a pound=
© Ingeborg Carsten-Miller
Grateful thanks to all who contributed.

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