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Theme: They Call The Wind Maria

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The title for this week's theme, "They Call The Wind Maria," is the name of a song from Lerner and Lowe's 1951 Broadway musical, "Paint Your Wagon." The song was further popularized by the Kingston Trio's first LP: "Live from the Hungry i" 

Let's see what the wind blew in for this week's selections:

1.  "Anemomania (Wind Madness)" by Michael Gullickson
2.  "In May" by David Barnes
3.  "High Winds" by Peg Hill
4.  "An Invitation" by Peg Amond
5.  "Leise" by Ingeborg Carsten-Miller
6.  "Wind Call" by Duncan Earle
7. "That Johnbrown Texas Wind" by Deena Hardin
8. "They Call the Wind Maria" by Dillon McKinsey
9. "SoCali Haiku (Based Upon A True Story)" by Meredith Karen Laskow
10. "Heart Song" by Lehua Lin

1. Anemomania ( Wind Madness ) by Michael Gullickson

It can be a siren
or a harridan
screaming seductive sibilants
or sliding a razored tongue
on exposed flesh.

In The Area Of Inaccessibility
there is nothing else -
not a mountain,or a ridge
just a lifeless scene of endless white
and a crepuscular light
that blunts the senses
and dims feeling
makes you hope for change
in changelessness.

The wind can convince you of
the virtue of nakedness
at 50 below
until your chest hairs are brittle
and fall off
until your eyes freeze shut.

It happens here too.

They say the wind in your mind
can drive you mad.
That's nothing new.

© Mike Gullickson
from Notes From Antartica
2.  In May by David Barnes (who lives in Australia, where the seasons are reversed)

Winter's penetrating wind
deflects against the window
extending a cool finger
to ease the curtains
a gentle chill strokes
night, our naked flesh.

© debarnes revised: May 2002 -16
3.  High Winds by Peg Hill

Wouldn’t you just know high winds
are forecast back home. 
My mind wants to stay on vacation,
reflect on those comfortable times.
High winds won’t let me do that:
They ruffle the brain,
play with my mind,
unsettle moods,
unnerve the soul.
You would think wind
would clear out cobwebs;
it doesn’t for me--
merely entangles emotions and feelings
that I hold close
afraid that they will blow away
like old leaves or scrap paper
and leave me with nothing.

© Margaret Ellis Hill
4. An Invitation by Peg Amond

I've survived two hurricanes,
Lili and Isidore,
But now the sun is shining,
And I'm ready to roar!

© Peg Amond
5.  Leise by ingeborg carsten-miller

Leiser Wind
spielt sanft
mit Morgenfrühe,
weckt müde Blätter
vom Nachtboden,
im frühen LIcht



A soft wind

plays along gently
with the early morning,
awakens tired leaves
from night grounds,
flutters fleetingly
in the light
of dawn.

© 1994 Ingeborg Carsten-Miller
from 'Northern Lights'
6.  Wind Call by Duncan Earle

By the time hurricanes get to the desert
they toss up fall dust in summer's waning gaze
scatters of blood-soaked popcorn skies
surfing somewhere beyond this rock pass
carried on the wheezing, puffy last winds
of  muscle once category two or three
inspiring abandonment of coastlines
now banks of bluster thinned to whisps
the dregs of moisture at midcontinent
dancing with ocotillos, dust devils
to tell us the sun has surrendered
alert us to the invitation from the Gulf
to tickle the Canadian blow-back
into swallowing up autumn
before its got land legs
and the sundown Magritte moment
gusts uncertain where to turn
like sea spray on stony gray
into a darkening horizon

© duncan earle
7. That Johnbrown Texas Wind by Deena Hardin

That johnbrown Texas wind!
my grandfather would say-
this wind, it blows away my words,
renders me mute, confused,
solitary, mumbling soundlessly
on an arid plain swirling in dust.
Trees around me bend from its force,
never straighten again.
And the world turns, groans.
I hear it even over the wind.
Drinking a glass of water
makes me feel like I'm drowning.
Out in the distance: gnarled live oaks,
squatty scrub oaks, beavertail cactus.
But no water.
The water is salvation,
which doesn't seem to come,
no matter the storm clouds, the wind.
A zigzag of lightning hisses down
and a huge limb hits the ground-
there are stairs to an altar
where there can be no stairs,
familiar face that resembles a priest,
nagging taste of port and bread.
This valley, this damned valley-
how did these people anger God
into this johnbrown wind and no water?
And how much of this wind's wailing
is a pack of lies?

© Deena Hardin
8. They Call the Wind Maria by Dillon McKinsey

They call the wind Maria and she whistles through my soul
Like the dusty gusts of Yucca Flats and the glint of broken coal.
There are things you see that can't be seen, not with the naked eye,
Like the saffron on the sunset's tongue, or angels in the sky.
So blow sweet wind like piper's breath across my reeded dreams
And fill me with the melody of other worldly schemes,
Where life is all a wish could be, if dreams come true at all,
As sweet Maria kisses me, and plants the seeds of Fall.

© Dillon McKinsey
9.  SoCali Haiku (Based Upon A True Story) by Meredith Karen Laskow

Santa Ana winds:
Forty avocados fall.
Much guacamole

© 2001 Meredith Karen Laskow
10. Heart Song by Lehua Lin

A wayward wind has stirred my heart like leaves upon a branch.
A gentle breeze swept through my heart and captured it away.
So now my heart is tossed about like waves on the ocean,
for who can tell the heights we'll scale before it passes me.
And I...just like the boughs that bend as winds pass through them
cannot hold back the passions stirred by restless winds as these.
Though in the end, when wayward winds no longer stir the leaves...
my heart will still recall the thrill this wind of passion leaves.

© Lehua Lin
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