MAP #158-1 Theme: Funny Thing Happened On My Way To The Library

1. JOURNAL POEM 3 by marc frucht

Old Pomes. New Pomes.

Borrowed pomes; blue pomes.

Funny pomes, sad pomes; goofy and glad pomes.

Pomes pomes. pomes pomes, eat them up - yum.

Make alliteration instead of legislation.

Ah, all's well that "and's" well-

And all are about action.

Skip, jump, lay there, run, smile, frown.

Run around, skip the jumping;

Lay there down.

Who chewed a page outa my pomes?

You're not s'posed to chew:

Eat them delicately.

Luscious, yummy, soft delicious yellow pomes.

Moist, meaty, mysterious succulent pomes.

Pomes about poets, presidents, pests

And pomes full of juice.

I eat pomes.

Do you eat pomes?

Red pomes, yellow pomes, green poems.

Don't eat the blue ones.

© marc frucht

2. Cheerio by Michael Levy

Funny-I sat watching a dead leaf move backwards and forwards,

I could feel no breeze,

I am sure there must have been a breeze,

Backwards and forwards it was moving,

Dancing a farewell dance,

There must have been a breeze

But I could not feel one,

It felt quite still,

Then I looked up at the branches

and all the leaves were waving cheerio.

© 2000 Michael Levy

3. Facsimile by Ginger Murchison

A sexagenarian librarian,

with a nametag that said OLD FOSSL--

Old Friend of the Sandy Springs Library--

gladly, as part of her job,

rescued a man at the copy machine.

I think I need help, his first words.

I’ve done this before

but not sure I can do it again.

Let me show you, she volunteered.

First, lay it right here.

[brief pause]

No, down lower; right there.

I see, said he, leaning into the job.

That’s good; now push there, said she.

I just did.

You just did?

Well, push again!

Harder this time!

[briefer pause]

Ahhhh, there you go.

See how easy it is?

[brief pause]

Is that all?

Yes, thank you, ma’am; I’m done.

And each of them went their way

totally unaware

they had just had the time

of their sexagenarian lives.

© Ginger Murchison