MAP #93

II. Featured Poetry Theme this week: Slam

1. slam dunk by Cheryl Latif

i'm drowning in words

not the can't catch my breath kind of drown

but the dying for more

washed up on the shore resurrection

creatively cleansed and

sanctified kind of


awash in literary funk of the best sort

hallelujah hymns of metaphor

tsunami swells of poetic license

liberating me

as i go down for the third time

no place for sacrilegious sanctimonious saviors

in the guise of wordsmiths here

only in your face reflections from divine lovers of words

poets with polished stones culled from the depths

tossing them full force

sending them with perfect aim to

skip across the water

and sink



the heart

make no mistake

i've been carried by currents of

cadence and construct

swept into undertow swells of

perfect poetic pitch

and drowned in the waters of wordplay

(god walks on the waters of wordplay)

gasping with gratification

i come up for air

baptized and reborn

© Cheryl Latif

2. (slamstragedies / what to do at a poetry slam:

an accidental haiku for the late electric lounge) by Jon Drucker

get up on the stage

read the hell out of your poem

tip your bartender

jon drucker