MAP #91

II. Featured Poetry Theme: Chocolate

And now, variations on a theme dear to my endorphins: Chocolate

1. Chocolate by Hilda Sanet

Into each life some rain must fall

We all have cares to face

When the dreams we dream do not come true

One thing can take their place...

That's chocolate!

When you find that things depress you

And they're causing you concern

Don't give up... don't let it stress you

You've a friend to which to turn...

That's chocolate!

Your son just got his chest tattooed

Your daughter's pierced her tongue

Your husband's got an attitude

Be calm, don't get unstrung.

There's chocolate.

If your love affair has had its day

And it ends up with a fight

One thing can take your cares away

So you make it through the night...

That's chocolate.

Nothing has that special magic

There's no pill to take its place

Don't wait till everything gets tragic

Reach out for that one "sweet embrace"

That's chocolate.

But don't try to abuse it

Because everybody knows

When that special dress no longer fits

And the zipper doesn't close

That's chocolate!

2. The Midas Touch by Carol Koss

I do not stir my cocoa with a spoon

but with tongue in cheek

naked as Godiva I ride through

streets of molten chocolate

Only the moon glimpses

me licking pale and pavement

I grow warm and dark


and melt

© 1999 Carol Davis Koss

3. reflections on my uncle louie

on a thursday morning by Larry Jaffe

my great uncle louis is

long gone but never forgotten

living his life in

relative thoughts

like rainbows for a cloudy day

uncle louie came from my

mother's side

of the family tree

he was more like a


than uncle to me

he was grand in the tradition

of being great

handing people bootstraps

so they could lift themselves

up the mountains of life and

out of the valleys

of their despair

he was a benevolent man

a businessman and business

came first except family

came before that

he wore grey suits and

black knit button up shirts

strangely casual

before his time

my fondest of memories

of him were our trips

to the neighborhood

candy store

and sadly there are no more

candy stores where you

can drink a chocolate malted

or buy a pez dispenser

and no counterman soda jerk

to make you an egg cream

half built

with nostalgia and foam

my greatest memories are of

my great uncle louie holding

my 5-year-old fingers

in him hand

as we took our weekly trek

footsteps caterwauling

the pavement

to our candy store of

chocolate dreams

and 10 cent toys

made in paradise

once when i was sad he found

my crying into the sidewalk

my tears making mud pies

i don't remember

why i was crying

all i know is uncle louie

came to my rescue

i clasped his finger

with my tiny hand

as we proudly walked

to the candy store

our candy store full of

children's fantasy

to make my smiles come alive

he bought me this tiny rocket

that you put caps in

it would explode on impact

striking the sidewalk like

bombs away over tokyo

like we used to say but would

not dream of now

you wound up and threw this

rocket way high in the air

and bam caps explode in

childish shrills

i walked with my uncle louie

him smoking chesterfields

by the dozen

i think he smoked cigarettes

so he would always have a

reason to go back to our

candy store

where he bought them at less

than a quarter a pack and did

not worry about televised

diseases catching up with him

no he just liked going to the

candy store to stock up on

hersheys and snocaps and

junior mints clark bars and

snickers but no

3 musketeers for him

plenty of pep-o-mint

lifesavers though

he saved many a child's life

with his candy

not to mention keeping

an entire fleet

of dentists in business

© 1997 lgjaffe

4. Stargazer by Stazja

One night in December

the Southern sky

became a parade ground of planets

marching across the heavens.

Stargazers stood at attention

amazed by this astronomical phenomenon

so rare

so close to millennium's end,

some read it as a prophecy:

solar system sending out

its all star cast of planets

for a limited engagement.

I'm no Galileo, even though I know

a heavenly body when I see one.

As for zodiac readings

I'm Leo myself

and might fit the profile

but I don't believe

that human events

or my own destiny can be

divined by alignment

of planets and stars.

Don't get me wrong

I'm as intrigued as any

amateur stargazing earthling.

Saturn was always so sexy in rings

and Mars was a chocolate bar...

No, wait, that's not what I meant to say.

I was talking about my fascination

with planets and stars and outer space,

wondering what it really means.

Does anyone besides me

get home sick

remembering distant galaxies?

© 1998 stazja