MAP #89

II. Featured Poetry Theme: Silver Screen - poems inspired by movies

1. Synopsis by Chuck Rice

He must break our hearts

with death

prick them with darkness

that we may bleed life and light

cast aside the painted props

of earth and time

shuck the flesh from our souls

like so much husk from new corn

strip us selfless

lay us adrift

upon the waters of eternity

that we may begin

to understand

the giving

of love.

It is with the swift hand

of change that life

has shaped me most

molded contours

in the face of my heart.


2. On the Movie Set by Michael Brown

I died this morning and lay all afternoon

across a table top in the middle of a TV show,

and I thought of Joe DiMaggio covering

the largest center field in the American League,

so smooth in action, so awkward offstage.

A cigaret fiend under the stands, Joltin' Joe

at the plate, the Yankee Clipper sailing the bases.

The man who never dove for a fly ball

because he was always there.

In his outfield there were no Texas leaguers

or power alleys. The greatest hitters

were satisfied with sacrifice.

When Joe's Achilles tendon killed his career,

he stretched his reputation across the country

in professional death, and the most vibrant

star in the firmament fell into his ungloved hand.

Crossing the foul line to the home side

she slipped from Joe's grasp,

and his only error became a national tragedy.

The last movie star burned out,

the last major leaguer caught off base,

and television buying all the talent available

to entertain us across the country.

No one has been so completely safe

or so definitely out since then.


3. Dancing With The Devil In The Pale Moonlight by Joseph Powell

Bats in the belfry

A joker in the deck

Damsel in distress

Gotham City in a wreck

And we dance to the song of a prince.

Souls in conflict

Symbol of good vs. symbol of evil

A dark knight, a laughing clown

Who will save the people?

As we dance to the song of a prince.

The pale moon glances

At lovers in their trances

At those who take their chances

With passionate romances

Shall we dance to the song of a prince?

As the moon makes it rise

Amidst the glistening skies

I see a man alone, standing in black

All is well in Gotham City

And with a woman sitting pretty

Who dares to fall in love with a bat.

The pale moonlight does funny things to you

When you dance to the song of a prince.

Long may they dance to the song of a Prince!

© 1989 Joseph Powell


4. Notice by Stazja

I wanted to tell you everything

reveal myself in unabridged audition

for your eternal attention,

a zealous immortal ingenue

jealous of earthly time and space

and material interventions.

Like a choir of angels I crooned my way

from curtained wings to center stage.

I played a coiled and convoluted

cast of captivating characters

like Valle

playing Olga

playing Joan of Arc

in Miracle of the Bells.

I wanted to tell you everything

but you

already knew.

© 1998 stazja