MAP 83

This week's featured poetry theme, Second Generation, drew so many worthy submissions, I've scheduled a sequel for Issue 85 in two weeks.

Featured poetry Theme: Second Generation, poetry by the children of poets

Upcoming themes:

Issue 84 - Cancellation of Basketball Diaries (Blazers got swept)

How about Father's Day? Send me your pappy poetry.

Issue 85 - Second Generation, the sequel

Thanks to all who have offered your work, and your children's work, for this week's featured poetry section.

1. You've seen his father Chuck's poetry in the MAP, now read a real beaut by Adam Rice, aged 15.

My Gift From God

I lay in bed at night

and wonder, who is this girl

and how does she possess

such grace and beauty.

Such elegance far exceeds

that of any other.

Her body, the stars.

Her face, the sun.

So bright and beauteous

as to damage the eyes

when looked upon.

She kisses me, as if

her lips are solid gold.

She lays her lips upon mine;

me being the inconstant gold miner

that finally struck it rich.

And such a height as heaven

to fall from.

And she, having endured the fall,

wears the face of a bright angel,

sent from God

to make me the happiest

man in the world.

Ask me of my love tomorrow,

and I shall say,

She is my gift from God

and I shall never be unsatisfied.”

for Brittany

by Adam Daniel Rice


2. I love this one by Jimmy Jazz's 4-year-old daughter, Ashley. I mean, like, it is so completely real!


We came to know

We came to camp

We came to do everything,

but sleep


3. Two by Chelsea Passmore, 9, from her very proud mom Cynthia.

My Portrait

My soul is like a feather free to fly.

My eyes are like shadows of the past.

My hair is like rivers that drift to the end of time.

My ears are like echos in an empty world.


Shining, burning

Sleeping, crawling, falling

Spiritual, loving, mysterious,



by Chelsea Passmore


4. Claibie Walsh, of Montrose, Alabama, sends one of her poems, with this intro that qualifies her for this week's theme:

"Sidney Lanier, an early American poet is my kin. He wrote plays, symphonies, poetry, also played many instruments. Two of his better know pieces are; "The Marshes Of the Glynn" (about Glynn County, Georgia) and "Song Of The Chattahooche" (about the river that separates the states of Alabama and Georgia)

In Brunswick, Georgia there along the marshes there is an old oak named The Lanier Oak where he is said to have sat beneath it's branches and composed."

Line-eology © Claiborne Schley Walsh

What is it about twisting grey

Brushing in the wind

Against a solid body

That holds spreading comfort?

Upon gnarled knees we have sat,

Common in blood as well as body,

Similar of thought;

Inspired by humidity and breeze,

Each protected by our genus

I touch the page and you spring into fingers

Begging me to take you further

For I know you were not done.

Ideas and DNA smile at one another

without ever seeing or touching flesh

So long ago, so very long

Since you used human eyes to see

But still we speak,

A mother's tongue in common

Beneath the Oaks I find you

Using my eyes as yours

Continuing these lines

Before Oak batons are metered and passed again.


Thus ends the first segment. Wait until you see what's in store in the Second Generation, the sequel!!