MAP #75

Theme: AIPF 1999 Poets

1. From Mahdi Jaber, of Houston. Mahdi is scheduled to read his poetry at Borders Books, Saturday, April 17.

I do not want to read the newspaper

turn on the television or the radio

or open any window,

Today I want to vacate all news of misery,

all tales of suffocating freedoms,

all stories of loss,

I want silence served in my today,

I won't ask for justice of the palates,

I wont ask why people tie ropes around their stomachs

and sleep dreaming for bread and clean water,

If fruits grow on trees,

I will not ask where did you hide the wheat,

I will say that Hunger begets hunger and ask for


Mahdi Jaber


2. Sharla Clos also hails from Houston. She will perform at Movements Gallery, "I'm Every Woman" venue, Saturday, April 17.

Hot Java

One takes a sip

licking lips

licking the rim

tongue hot

taste flavorful

sliding down throat deep


"may I have a refill, please?"


3. Mark Brandeis, from Ontario (Canada, not California) is on the bill at Waterloo Ice House at 26 Doors, Saturday, April 17.


Mad at the world

A young punk with a cane

Stabs the unset cement

again and again and again

Red-green acid his hair

and Doc Marten acid his shoes

Leather jacket black a void with

studs in his nose and ears and face

Spitting hate to the world

pitting Hate


I can never seem to save enough

To afford



4. Patricia Fiske lives right here in hometown Austin. She will read at Whole Bean Coffee House, Friday, April 16.


Smothered in cloth and dense mesh veil

Afghan women condemned to burqua jail

Women doctors can't practice healing

Nor be treated by males, too revealing

How is it possible?

A country has enslaved half it's population

Yet no official outrage from our sick nation

We rattle sabers at every drop of oil

We must value women less than soil

How is it possible?

Afghanis have harbored, with a surly shrug

A civilian-killing terrorist, a villainous thug

Blackmailing us to recognize Taliban

If they cease protecting this evil man

How is it possible?

Now we're bent on bombing the Serbs

Seems just fine with folks in the burbs

While Serbs get Nato's mighty fist

Talibans don't rate tap on the wrist

How is it possible?

The media's so besot with lurid scandals

It's all but ignored those Taliban vandals

Will we look back, as Germans must

And wonder if we did what was just


by Patricia Fiske