Good Monday, all you resident and honorary-Austinite poets.

Weather report: Slam is still in the air.

See special section following announcements.

Let us ponder these words from 1996 National Haiku master Aaron Yamaguchi:

New Community.

An experience in time

learn, live, pass it on.

© March 1997 a. yamaguchi

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APAL Poets Guide

Featured Poetry



National Poetry Slam afteraddition

APAL Poets Guide

All events are free unless otherwise noted. Some venues practice tip collection (not to be confused with cow tipping) for featured poets.

1. Tuesday, September 1 - Ruta Maya Coffee House, 4th and Lavaca. APAL open mic, sign up at 6:30 pm. Sara Sutterfield Winn and Maslow co-host. This week's featured poet: John Hawk. fmi e

2. Tuesday, September 1 - Electric Lounge, 302 Bowie. Slam, this week, every week, $50 to the winner. $2. Admission. Ernie Cline hosts. Sign up by 8:30 pm. fmi call 476-FUSE.

3. Wednesday, September 2 - Movements Gallery 211 E. 6th St. BYOB: Blast Your Own Breath.Tammy Gomez hosts, 9-10:30pm. fmi

4. Friday, September 4 - Casa de Luz, 1701 Toomey Rd. (last right before Barton Springs going south on Lamar.) 7:45 pm. Cosmic Intuition Productions presents International Music Extravaganza benefit. The wonderful gospel sounds of Warrior, featuring The Rev. Sterling L. Lands. Latin rhythms and songs from Rey Arteaga, native flute of Dr. Mario Garza. Brazilian percussion wizard Conthino and more. Hosted by M.C. poetess Stazja McFadyen and another tba. Requested donation $7 (or $4 if you come early for dinner, 6-8 pm Casa de Luz offers a complete organic/vegan dinner for $8 fixed price). fmi contact Rashah at Cosmic Intuition Productions, (512) 604-4405 or Casa de Luz - 476-2535.

5. Friday, September 4 - Mojo's Daily Grind, 2714 Guadalupe. First Fridays, open mic, hosted by Marie Fleishmann. 8-10 pm. 477-MOJO

6. Saturday, September 5 - Saturday Night Live Poetry at Quackenbush's Coffee House, 2120 Gaudalupe. Back in the evening time slot, APAL open mic sign up at 7:30 pm. Featured: Ariel, publisher of Samurai Poets. Diane Fleming hosts. fmi

7. Saturday, September 5 - Casa de Luz, 1701 Toomey Rd. (last right before Barton Springs going south on Lamar.) 7:45 pm. Cosmic Intuition Productions presents International Music Extravaganza benefit. Back by popular demand, the tantalizing music of Indian multi-instrumentalist Oliver Rajamani, Madacascan music from ethnomusicologist Ron Emoff, steel drum explorations of C.J. Menge, improvisational sounds from Cosmic Intuition, Puerto Rican percussionist Mello and more. Hosted by dynamic M.C. poets John Cutia and Thom the World Poet. Requested donation $7 (or $4 if you come early for dinner, 6-8 pm Casa de Luz offers a complete organic/vegan dinner for $8 fixed price). fmi contact Rashah at Cosmic Intuition Productions, (512) 604-4405 or Casa de Luz - 476-2535.

8. Tuesday, September 8 - Ruta Maya Coffee House, 4th & Lavaca. APAL open mic, sign up at 6:30. Featured poet: Stazja. Co-hosted by Sara Sutterfield Winn and Maslow. fmi, e mail

9. Tuesay, September 8 - Electric Lounge, 302 Bowie. Slam, this week, every week, $50 to the winner. $2. Admission. Sonya Feher hosts. Sign up by 8:30 pm. fmi call 476-FUSE.

10. Wednesday, September 9 - Movements Gallery 211 E. 6th St. BYOB: Blast Your Own Breath.Tammy Gomez hosts, 9-10:30 p.m. for more information contact

11. Thursday, September 10 - Barnes & Noble Arboretum. Hosted by Herman Nelson. Guests are John Berry, Stazja McFadyen and Preston Tyree. A round robin open mic will follow. 7:30-10 p.m. fmi call 837-8693 or 928-0619

12. Saturday, September 12 - Saturday Night Live Poetry at Quackenbush's Coffee House, 2120 Guadalupe. APAL open mic, sign up at 7:30 pm. Hosted by Diane Fleming. Featured poet: Richard Cole, author of Success Stories. fmi contact

Featured Poetry where poets from around the globe, or my own neighborhood, share their poetry on weekly themes.

This week's theme: Smiles

Next week's theme (Issue 44) : Work

Following week's theme (Issue 45): Childhood Memories Part 1

Okay, are y'all ready? Here's the poetry.


1. From Shana of Cockney Rebel in St. Pete, Florida


Take two little kids and call me from mourning

Two spoonfuls of giddiness and laughter

It spills from my chest before I remember


Take two ice cream cones and eat on a hot afternoon

A prescription for comfort and messiness

It drips from our mouths before I remember


Take two long balloons and one circus mime

A medicine of wonder and smiles

It opens my face wide before I remember


© 1998 Shana

2. From John Wilder of Austin

Watching Louie

I wanted to grow up

the happiest man ever lived,

Just like Louie Armstrong

on the Ed Sullivan show,

singing to me.

I was maybe eight,

living on Summit Street,

blotting his lined forehead slowly

With that white handkerchief. Smiling,

Singing, that warm Southern gravel.

Smiling and smiling, his wide teeth

Beaming so bright against his

Old roun’ Blackness. God’s very own face!

And that Voice! And horn! Smiling, sweating, calling up

Every beautiful voice ever sung. Calling it

Up like some great Black Angel, to prove that

Love still lives, Love smiles like just that

and blows a trumpet.

3. From The Dichotomoy of Structure and Randomness, B. J. Henry's chapbook, for sale at Ruta Maya on Tuesday.

A Further Analysis

I sat beside the water's edge and told

the trees my tales of misery. Yet I beheld

the silence still as wind spoke

not a word I understood. About my hands

the dirt was soft and softer still the grass.

My head against the bark I shut my eyes

and listened to the warbler sing. About

me there another world had all but disappeared.

I spent that day as though I should and left

behind the time I had and smiled along the path.

4. From Carlyn Luke Reding of Austin:

smiles of sunflowers


cresthaven's seeds of summer



and prayers for rain




searing heat

neighbors' smiles

and rainbows

assimilate all and measure to please


next year's



chap*book (noun) First appeared 1798 : a small book containing ballads, poems, tales, or tracts

Beginning Tuesday, September 1, a chapbook table is being set up at the Ruta Maya APAL open mic. APAL hosts Sara Sutterfield Winn and Mark Maslow offer this service to anyone with chapbooks (and spoken word cd's and cassettes). Have your wares priced. Maslow tells me it's expected to start off small, so each poet should limit the number of books/cd's to, oh, let's just arbitrarily say 5.

1. "August 1998" by Thom the World Poet. $5. 24 New Poems, 30 pages. All new poems written this August. Contact Thom at (512)416-7435.

2. "Jewish Soulfood: Tales of My Family in Story & Verse" by Larry Jaffe. $10. 32 poems, 56 pages. Available in So. Cal and Austin, e mail or

3. New offerings from The Poet's Tree Press:::::::

Each book is $7 or you can buy them as a set for $12

For ordering information e-mail

Into The Storm

by Chris Vannoy

From San Diego, California to St. Petersburg, Florida this collection of poems cross the continent. Poignant snapshots of relationships with a dash of Beat. They both combine to be a whisper within a shout.

The Unwinding

by C. Passmore

This book reflects the changing of seasons and the changes that come when life moves through the turbulent times of a woman’s life. It shows how parents and children view different sides of life and how, when the roles are reversed, the other side of the storm is seen from a different view.


1. The Austin International Poetry Festival board of directors will meet at 7:00 p.m. on September 3, 1998, at the Cepeda Branch Library. Call 499-7372 for directions. Members and volunteers, as well as anyone with ideas and energy, may attend this meeting.

Frank Pool, Chairman AIPF, 1999.

2. BOWERBIRD: dear performance poets-you're invited to come and perform at

***** nap jam two *****the north american poetry jam, a 4-night explosion of performance poetry. unlike slam, where the central focus is competition, jam has _cooperation_ as its organizing principle. jam is a performance poetry showcase,

a videoshoot, and a big party, all rolled into one. the next jam is from september 21-25, 1998, at the "plaza" hotel, in downtown las vegas.

if you're planning on being there to perform, register now for $75, instead of $100 on-site. this registration fee gets you a jammer jersey, one or more performance opportunities at jam, and a copy of the videotape containing your performance, among other things. and if you're going to be flying to las vegas, it's time to make those plane reservations, so you can get the 21-day-advance rate. call the cool travel agents at 1.800.287.9868 and let them show you how cheap it can be. you can use your credit card to pay for jam. call "lovehorse cowbell" at 1.888.bald.wild to do that. for an online version of the jam "manual", which contains all the info you'll need, visit <>. because of the las vegas location, we've got a great rate of $40 per room, double occupancy, so that's just $20 per person per night, $80 for all 4 nights.

3. THANKS, Stazja! I love hanging around with you poets. (Dontcha just love it when somebody says "you poets/singers/songwriters/Venutians/etc." LOL) It's really opening up the world...thanks for the inspiration.

Your buddy

Shana :-)


4. Hi Staza!

Greetings from the other side of the Gulf! I'm enclosing 2 poems ( for #44 Work ).

I'm not sure if they're what you're looking for but....enjoy them anyway :) . Thanks for all the news!!! Cynthia Passmore

5. Visit IXION, a new fine arts/literature quarterly published in England. There is no log-on charge and no fees required. No log-on registration. They can be found at

Many thanks indeed,

Martin Booth

6. Kathryn Gann needs a poem. Please read below; if you have or want to write an appropriate piece, e mail it to me for relay.

"Stazja: Here are slightly edited quotes from a new Guide Dog user (not my daughter):

"My dog is wonderful, but the people aren't. They tease, shout 'Bad dog!' and give commands. I have made cards to hand out when I don't feel I have time to educate the public, and find that people are receptive and find it easier to ask other questions when the basic ones are already answered. My card says--

"My dog sees and I direct. We work as a team. She takes me around obstacles, and stops for curbs and steps. I give direction, listen for traffic flow, and determine when it is safe to cross streets. Please do not pet, feed, or distract my dog as your actions could endanger our safety. Thank you."

"There is much more to her e-mail but the above is the kernel of the need.

"We are looking for good humored, short poems that embody the request to let the dog work undisturbed. Your help and your contacts will be much appreciated."

K. L. Gann

7. From Carol Koss in OKC

Art - at its best - is transformational and redemptive. Artists of a Different Caliber is a non-profit exhibition that will bring guns to Oklahoma City - Guns transformed by the visions of metalsmiths into catalysts for non-violence. These artists come armed with talent, courage, and commitment.("And they shall beat their swords into ploughshares.")


Friday - September 11th

5 to 8 P.M.

at IAO

One North Hudson

(Sheridan and Hudson)

8. From Walker: Check out Fantastic Apple. Very interesting printed 'zine by 2 women age 24/25, both vegetarians. Seeking submissions, poetry,etc.

9. GULF COAST PUBLISHING COLONY (12/27/98-1/3/99): Call for Entry. Ten

selected writers to join poet/editors, Susan Bright and Margo LaGattuta, for 7-day intensive, collaborative publishing colony on beautiful Texas Gulf coast resulting in publication of the 17th Plain View Press New Voices Series anthology, a national showcase for American writers and issue-based literary work. Send 15-20 pages by Nov 15: Plain View Press, P.O. 33311, Austin, TX 78764. Inquiries: Susan Bright,

512-441-2452 (, Margo LaGattuta, 810-693-7344

( Follow New Voices Series link:

Reading Fee: $10.

10. From Ted Slade:

A major update of The Poetry Kit is now on-line at

After agreement with Matthew Revell and Eric Goldwsorthy, The Poetry Kit now incorporates Poetry Update, which recently ceased publication. Features carried over from that e-zine include:

"Whos Who in Poetry. Are you listed? Think you should be listed? Then visit and fill in the on-line form" and much more.

National Poetry Slam Afteraddition (cuz not everyone can do the aftermath)

1. Check out the website of Guy LeCharles Gonzales, member of the championship Nuyorican team:

Guy writes: "...on the a little bit louder Web site, as the launch date of September 8th gets closer.

"In the meantime, the Home page has been updated with a preview of the first month's feature stories as well as a news piece on the 1998 National Poetry Slam. (You'll have to excuse the New York-slant in the piece but, hell, we won and, from the press I've seen so far, I'm the only one that wants to focus on that fact!)"

2. From Roger Bonair-Agard, coach for the 1998 NPS championship Nuyorican Poets:

i would like to thank the entire slam family for a nationals well done. the amount of positive energy i received over the course of the four days was overwhelming. in addition i got to hear some extraordinary poetry, not the least of which was performed in the parking lot of the super 8 motel on the nights after the semis and the finals. (thanks to boogeyman, debbie from montreal, lynne & dot from nyc, reggie from cleveland, pat storm from knoxville, the entire greenville team [thanks for the trash talk again, glenis], the kalamazzoo team, garland thompson, dave snodgrass from cleveland, nadine from tribes, and anybody else i might have forgotten). this sort of impromptu sharing is the fever and the work that the national slam should all be about. in the long run, poets have a greater responsibility than all other artists, to not only pursue beauty, but to unveil truth, rail against wrong and celebrate the beautiful and just. i am heartened that so many poets appear to have taken up that mantle. i am honored to be counted as one of you.

peace, luv & poetry

3. From Bob Holman:

Dash out now --

Get the word on "Slam Blows Up as it Grows Up" by Bob Holman

with plenty of links and poems to "make yr day"....

4. From Sean Shea:

This is Sean Shea saying hello from my last night in Austin Sunday morning I am traveling up to Grand Rapids, MI to visit my folks. I'd like to thank all the Austinoids for their help even after the exhaustion of the nationals. Fine town. Better people.

The goodwill I have encountered in this Nation as a whole has rekindled my

patriotism at a time when most are loosing theirs. For this I owe you all. I received some wonderful notes on Trabajo the poetry Van. Thank you all.

In the future my email address will be <> because of a university change though the old one will work for awhile as well.

Again thank you all for a chance to enlighten myself while entertaining y'all

PS-If anyone in Austin wants to buy an '82 Ford Van (with a blown Head gasket) as well as fridge stove sink bed ect. Let me know via email. I think I might have one available, cheap. Lord knows It's been nothing but good luck to me. (besides I'd like to keep it in the slam family)

5. Stazja!

Enjoyed the SLAM finals! Even Cathy had fun! Please pass on to Mike and

Phil and Genevieve et al my congrats. They did a great job.

Randy Lusk

6. Then there were Associated Press stories, by Hillel Italie, available from AOL news. Texas Holds National Poetry Slam and

Ex-Columnist Joins Poetry Slam

If you haven't read these stories, e mail me. I'll forward them to you.

7. Thanks and big hugz to Mike Henry, Phil West, Electric Lounge staff and all the local slam family for the Farewell to Genevieve/NPS volunteer/Austin Slam Team cd release party Sunday night.

Exclusive from Genevieve Van Cleve on the eve of her leaving:

"Slam is stronger than any individual. I am so proud to be a part of this art form, and humble, and I thank God that I found it, 'cause if I hadn't, I'd still be an oil and gas lobbyist and nobody needs those (bleep)."

Exclusive from 1998 Austin slam team member Princess Karyna:

"If you are looking for material, the best place to go is the dumpster out behind Radio Shack. They've got some cool s*** back there." Asked which Radio Shack, Princess K, stunning in sleeveless black cocktail dress, rolled expressive eyes and said, "Any of them."

Have a prolific week. Anyone wanting off the mailing list, e mail.

The End

Much love,