Greetings to the poetically inclined.

Yep, it's Monday.

Last minute clarification: The Austin International Poetry Festival anthology read, Aug 6, is at BookPeople, not Barnes & Noble. See details below.

Beginning next week, a special section will be added, following announcements, giving full 1998 National Poetry Slam schedules.

The following events are free unless otherwise noted. Some venues request donations for featured poets.

APAL Poets Guide:

1. Tuesday, August 4 - Ruta Maya Coffee House, 4th and Lavaca. APAL open mic, sign up at 6:30 pm. Hosted by Sara Sutterfield Winn and Maslow. Benefit for 1998 National Poetry Slam. Featured poet: Austin Slam Team member Genevieve Van Cleve! This one you don't wanna miss!! FMI e

2. Tuesday, August 4 - Electric Lounge at 302 Bowie. Mock slam bouts between the 1998 Austin Slam Team and surprise challenge-teams! Sonja Feher hosts. FMI, call 476-FUSE.

3. Wednesday, August 5 - Movements Gallery, 211 E. 6th St. BYOB: Blast Your Own Breath at Tammy Gomez hosts, 9-10:30 pm.

4. Thursday, August 6 - BookPeople, 6th and Lamar. 7 p.m. Austin International Poetry Festival Anthology. This di-verse-city reading features a who's who of some of Austin's finest poets. Among the scheduled readers are Pablo Rodden, Mark Jones, Floyd Freeman, Heidi Zeigler, Marcelle Kasprowicz, Barbara Carr, Valerie Bridgeman Davis, Stazja McFadyen, Albert Huffstickler, Ralph Hausser, Mary-Agnes Taylor, Jill Wiggins, Ken Fontenot, Marvin Kimbrough, Kat Stevens, and W. Joe Hoppe. These readings promise to be among the best of the year.

4. Friday, August 7 - Mojo's Daily Grind, 2714 Guadualupe. Marie Fleischman hosts First Friday open mic, signup at 8 pm.

5. Saturday, August 8 - Saturday Afternoon Live Poetry at Quack's. 2120 Guadalupe. APAL open mic, sign up at 3 pm. Diane Fleming hosts. Featured poet: Stazja McFadyen. Fmi, contact

6. Saturday, August 8 - Ebony Sun Java House, 1209 E. 11th. Ebony Poets perform at 7 pm. fmi call 472-8875

7. Monday, August 10 - Jovita's, 1619 South First St. Open mic readings 7-9 pm

8. Tuesday, August 11 - Ruta Maya Coffee House, 4th and Lavaca. APAL open mic, sign up at 6:30 pm. Sara Sutterfield Winn and Maslow host. Benefit for 1998 National Poetry Slam, featured poet is Austin Slam Team member Ernie Cline. fmi e

9. Tuesday, August 11 - Electric Lounge, home of the Austin Slam. 302 Bowie. Sign up by 8:30 pm. Sonya Feher hosts. "Did I mention, winner gets $50?" $2 admission. fmi call 476-FUSE.

10. Wednesday, August 12 - Movements Gallery 211 E. 6th St. BYOB: Blast Your Own Breath. Tammy Gomez hosts, 9-10:30 pm. fmi

11. Thursday, August 13 - Mexic-Arte Museum, 419 Congress Ave. Poesia Y Sur 1998, 7 pm. Selections from Federico Garcia Lorca. Hosted by Sun Littleton. Introduction to the Poet by Dr. Miriam Balboa de Echeverria. Read in Spanish by

Miriam Balboa de Echeverria. Read in English translation by Thom the World Poet and Sue Littleton. fmi call 416-7435.

12. Saturday, August 15 - Quackenbush's Coffee House, 2120 Guadalupe. Saturday Afternoon Live Poetry, APAL open mic sign up 3 pm. Hosted by Stazja. Featured poets: Aaron Sanders and Patrick Wharton. fmi

13. Saturday, August 15 - Electric Lounge, 302 Bowie. 8 p.m. $2 for all this: Mock slam bouts and SILENT AUCTION to benefit 1998 National Poetry Slam. Rare treasures. Art. Gift certificates to your fave shops and restaurants. Bring your employed relatives, your friends, your neighbors, your roommates. fmi call 476-FUSE.

Featured Poetry

This week's theme: RAIN (as in, Central Texas could use some)

Future themes: Issue 40: Haiku

Issue 41: Spanish poetry, with English translations

Issue 42: Faeries and mythical creatures

1. From Jimmy Smith in So. Cal. (l love this poem!)


I deamed it was raining last night

people were standing gray and almost obscured

on the sidewalk under the awnings and little city trees

as traffic moved in slow motion

making waves like speedboats

the warm yellow glow

from shop windows

invited me in

but I stood outside and watched

as all of it ran into the gutter

and down the drain

and what was left

wasn't really worth

dreaming about in the first place

I dreamed it was raining

and the sound of it beating on my car

was like a thousand toy drummers

all with their own idea of the tune

and as I listened and tried to find reasoning

in the noise

I was drawn inside my thoughts

to a place where reason

and noise

gave way to Peace

I dreamed it was raining

and the sound of it

and the look of it

and the feel of it

and the smell of it

were so alive and wonderful

I had to struggle

to bother waking up

one more day

2. Kathleen Coleman lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here's her poem:


I listen to rain's soothing rhythm,

washing, revealing, eroding,

yet once again appalled

at the sight of myself.

While all that's left of faith

is hope that my Maker, this God,

whose goodness is His glory,

should cradle against His chest

like a small child, dearly loved.

The warmth of embrace to melt

this heart I've feared is ice,

for what it sometimes thinks and says.

It is merciful kindness,

a tender mercy to tenderness allow.

Cried to sleep, this child may slumber,

Let Love's hand dreams create,

'til on rain barrels overflowing,

drops dance the sweet water over,

into reality be born.

by Kathleen Coleman 3/98

3. Chris Vannoy is in St. Pete. His poem isn't REALLY about rain, but what the heck.


My words fall around you

like summer thunderstorms

your skin glistens with them

You open your mouth

lay back your head

eyes closed

swallow all you can catch

spread your arms like wings

You let the words embrace you

rub them into you

feel my hands

a smooth balm of pleasure

they move over you

Words that drench you with desire and longing

pound you with the soft fists of my need

these words I rain upon you

they fill you

with me.

Chris Vannoy

4. Cynthia Passmore is a migrant from So. Cal. to Florida.

Summer Squall

I move about

this fabric house of sheets,

the moon wrapped in silk

for my tropics.


Each small breath of wind

exposing what is left of my soul

as it bleeds its remains

into you.


I tear at the sky

and clutch the fine silken thread

that connects me to you

waiting for it to break,

Begging this green summer squall

to brighten and hush.

C.Passmore 6/3/97

Chapbooks/books (and lo and behold, a CD)

1. Wormhole CD. New release. Includes The Year 2022 cut by Chris Vannoy of St. Pete. $12. fmi, contact or (Marcos Fernandes)


3. Rage and Other Moods, poems by Donn Deedon. 33 poems, 38 pages.

Two of the poems in Rage, "Idiot's Delight" and "Dementia" have won 2nd and 3rd place, respectively, in separate international contests. Each competed against 30,000 entrants and have been published in separate anthologies. Sells for $8.00 and can be ordered by snail mail through the poet at

11684 Ventura Boulevard, #421,

Studio City, CA 91604


1. 1999 Austin International Poetry Festival dates have been set! Thursday, April 15 through Sunday, April 18, 1999.

2. 1998 National Poetry Slam volunteer meetings are every Sunday, 3 pm at Electric Lounge. Contact Sonya Feher, volunteer coordinator, to volunteer. There is still much help needed!

"We need donations for the silent auction to be held at the Electric Lounge, August 15th. *Donations can include gift certificates, art, services i.e. massage, books, etc. The more the better folks. If you have one of those gifts lying around that you wish the giver had bestowed upon someone else, we would be happy to have them." Sonya

Check out Ernie Cline's brilliant design of the 1998 NPS website at

Tickets now on sale for the Nationals, at Waterloo Records, 6th and Lamar, and the Paramount Theater box office.

Slam winner last week, and $50 richer is Diane Fleming. Congratulations!

3. From Carol Koss in Oklahoma:

Art - at its best - is transformational and redemptive. Artists of a Different Caliber is a non-profit exhibition that will bring guns to Oklahoma City - Guns transformed by the visions of metalsmiths into catalysts for non-violence. These artists come armed with talent, courage, and commitment.

Poets are Asked to Bite the Bullet: This fall, IAO will host Artists of a Different Caliber, a metalsmith exhibit where guns and bullets have been turned into works of art. They have taken seriously the admonition,"And they shall beat their swords into ploughshares." These artists are seeking poetry that speaks to the issue of alternatives to violence, poetry that uses words against violence, rather than in violence. If you are interested in contributing poetry to this exhibit, send it via e-mail to me ( or to Gael Sloop ( Deadline (or, life line) for submitting work is August 15th.

We have been receiving poems from all over the country (and Australia) for this project. We may be putting them into a small volume for the exhibit. The reading of these poems will take place at 8:30 p.m. at Harvey's (19th and Portland) right after the opening at IAO (Sept.11th). Work (or play), by poets unable to attend, will be read by volunteers.

4. Donn Deedon recently returned from a European cruise. Some poetic highlights: "We went there on the QE2, six days sailing on the queen of cruise ships. I hosted a poetry reading on the ship on our third day out to sea,,, In London I got to read at a local coffee house/restaurant and LWT (London Weekend Television) taped my reading and is airing it in two or three weeks on English National Television. They promised me a copy of the tape. I also was able to sell and distribute my chapbook where ever I went. It was a great trip!!"

5. Press Release:

Texas Nafas, the poetry show produced by Farid Mohammadi, Christine

Gilbert, and Laura Baker continues running strong on Cable Channel 10,

Sundays at 9 p.m. The show being aired August 9, 16, 23, and 30 is a

special on slam poetry--competitive performance poetry--featuring Taylor

Mali, a national slam winner and great talent, and Marc Smith of

Chicago, the founder of slam poetry, as well as several other

outstanding slam poets. This slam poetry special is in coordination

with the 1998 National Poetry Slam to be held in Austin from August

19-22--the 9th annual national poetry slam. Big names attending the slam

include Marc Smith; Patricia Smith, four time national slam winner from

Boston; Danny Solis of Albequerque, Ellen Maybe of Southern California,

and a host of others. For more about the National Slam venues, schedule

of bouts, day events, late night events, etc., see the web site at

"". Also watch for two

Texas Nafas one-hour specials that will be aired at odd late hours on

Cable Channel 10, called "Un-Cut," featuring energetic venues at

Waterloo Ice House during the 1998 Austin International Poetry Festival.

6. Copied from the Texas Poetry List Serv:

ANNOUNCING POETRY CONTEST The September 5th meeting will be the deadline for the entries and winners will be announced at the Workshop. Any form, No line limit (please don't go over three pages per poem) and the subject will be SPOOKY THINGS. This contest is open to the public, but only one entry per person please. Entries must be typed, single spaced on regular 8 1/2 x 11

paper, two copies (one with name address and phone number on it in upper left

hand corner, the other without). Please mail your entries to Texoma Poetry

Society, P.O. Box 2902, Sherman, Tx. 75091-2902 or bring them to the meeting

on September 5th. ALL ENTRIES MUST BE IN BY 4 PM ON THAT DAY TO BE IN THE CONTEST. Previously published poems are acceptable.

Humor Award - any form, any subject, no line limit (please nothing over 2 pages)

Lida Lee Award - any form, 30 line limit, on the subject of grandmothers.

Spiritual -open to any form of spirituality, no line limit, any style

Haiku Award -

Cowboy Poetry Award - 30 line limit, any style

Survivors - on the subject of violence and abuse, any form, line limit 50

each contest will award 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 2 H.M.'s...



The cookbook/anthology is open to any poet wanting to participate. The cost

to participate is $3 for 2 pages.(the book will cost be about $6 when it is printed).

I am hoping to pull in a lot of new voices. Deadline for the entries for the cookbook anthology is August 15th, so we can have time to get it put together.

Brenda Roberts

Texoma Poetry Society

P.O. BOX 2902

SHERMAN, TX. 75091-2902

Subj: Re: Austin Poets at Large # 39

Date: 98-08-03 17:34:37 EDT

From: (Duncan Earle)



Salutations from the border, this is that strange anthropologist guy in El

Paso again....I will be in Austin from Wednesday through Sunday and I will

try to show up at the places you name. Hope to see you there.


Duncan Earle

Margaret Gallardo

Senior Secretary

Center for InterAmerican

& Border Studies


(915)747-5574 – fax

Subj: okay, thanks

Date: 98-08-03 14:42:10 EDT

From: (Geoff Beardsley)

To: ('')


Okay, I got the newsletter.

Thanks a ton for everything you do!


Re: Austin Poets at Large #39

Date: 98-08-03 11:28:00 EDT

From: (Richard Cole)



Monday morning in the cubicle and my supervisor hasn't come in so I'm

reading <underline>If You Can't Eat 'Em, Join 'Em</underline>, when your

email newsleter came in. So I've got to reply and tell you how much I

enjoy your work. Poetry without trying to be poetic or exalted. My

favorites from the chapbook: A Miracle, Hardworking Man, Special Effects.

Thank you, thank you.


Subj: Re: Austin Poets at Large # 39

Date: 98-08-03 13:04:21 EDT

From: Cynswrds

To: Stazja

Hi Stazja!

Thank you for adding my poem to your newsletter..... :) just one thing, I'm not from Southern California, I'm a transplant for New England! I met you here in St. Petersburg a few times, once at Samantha's and at the Cockney Rebal at open mic.

I'm a member of Full Contact Poets...we all miss you and look forward to you visiting again soon!!! Until then take care! :) Cynthia

Subj: Re: Austin Poets at Large # 39

Date: 98-08-03 18:21:58 EDT

From: Cynswrds

To: Stazja

Hi Stazja,

You don't have to print a correction, no big deal :) I really enjoy your newsletter, it has some very nice pieces in it. Glad i could be part of it!!! see you! Cynthia

Subj: Re: Austin Poets at Large #39

Date: 98-08-03 11:53:13 EDT

From: (jimmy smith)


Thanks for running the rain poem, it's been so hot and dry I ejoyed

reading it. like most of the stuff I write I sometimes never see it again

and some years later will stumble accross it someplace, my pal Derek

knows more of my songs than I do and delights in singing them to me from

time to time and saying, "guess who wrote that" and sometimes I honestly

don't know, He played me a record last year and I said " wow what a cool

guitar solo, who was that" and he just looked at me like I was from one

of the outer fringe planets and didn't say anything at all, what a putz I

are. I do remember that Rain was one of two , the other called best

wishes and at the time I sent them to a few folks,

my mind started turning on the swords into ploughshears theme as soon as

I read about it, and will send you something as soon as it germinates.

love you, the chat stuff is great, bubba will get back to work as soon as

the hangover subsides.


Subj: Re: Austin Poets at Large #39

Date: 98-08-04 08:45:39 EDT




Thanks for all the news each week! I finally have the internet at home so

I'd like it if you could delete this address from your e-mail list and

instead send stuff to:


Thanks, and I do enjoy reading all about the Austin scene.


Marc Brandeis