Florida in my rear view mirror

Farewell manatees, pelicans, gulls, dolphins who danced on water

Farewell Frenchy's Saltwater Cafe, the place with Cajun Chowder

Farewell you ancient bearded oak who dominates Orange Street

Farewell Cockney Rebel, Shana, Chris, Kathy, Bob, et al.

Hello Austin Poets at Large!!!!!

APAL Poets Guide:

Events are free of charge unless otherwise stated. Some venues collect donations for featured readers.

1. Tuesday, July 7 - Ruta Maya Coffee House, 4th and Lavaca. APAL open mic, hosted by Sara Sutterfield Winn and Mark Maslow. Featured poet: Harve' Franks. Sign up by 6:30 pm. fmi, e mail maslow_at_flash.net

jj2. Tuesday, July 7 - Electric Lounge, 305 Bowie. The magnificent, exciting weekly SLAM! $50 cash to winner. sign up as early as 8 pm. $2 admission. 476-FUSE.

3. Wednesday, July 8 - BYOB: Blast Your Own Breath at Movements Gallery, 211 E. 6th St. Tammy Gomez hosts, 9-10:30 pm. tejana.tongue_at_mail.utexas.edu

4. Thursday, July 9 - Barry's Coffee House in Temple. Morrie Greene produces an island of poetic wonder with the Central Texas Live Poets. Featured poet: Frank Pool. sign up at 7:30 for open mic. fmi e mgreene_at_sage.net

5. Thursday, July 9 thru Saturday, July 11- John Henry Faulk Living Theater, 4th and Brazos. The KAIROS! Co, performance poetry troupe. 8 pm. For admission price or other info, call Clint or Richard at 447-7118.

6. Saturday, July 11 - Saturday Afternoon Live Poetry at Quack's, 2120 Guadalupe. APAL open mic, hosted by Diane Fleming, sign up at 3 pm.

Double feature: recent slam winnner RD Perin, and, visiting from So. Cal, one of my favorites, Joseph Powell. FMI e buddydog_at_texas.net.

7. Saturday, July 11 - Barnes & Noble at Westlake, 7-9 pm, presents Austin International Poetry Festival readings from the 1997 anthology "di-verse-city" and 1998 anthology "di-verse-city too". See announcements section. FMI, e wigg119_at_flash.net.

8. Monday, July 13 - Southside Poetic Action Series, Jovita's Restaurant y Cantina at 1619 South First, from 7-9 p.m

9. Tuesday, July 14 - Ruta Maya Coffee House, 4th & Lavaca. APAL open mic, hosted by Sara and Mark, sign up at 6:30 pm. fmi, e mail maslow_at_flash.net

10. Tuesday, July 14 - Electric Lounge, 305 Bowie,,, home of Austin's weekly SLAM. $2 admission. Sign up as early as 8 pm. compete for $50.fmi call 476-FUSE or show up and ask someone.

11. Wednesday, July 15 - Movements Gallery Movements Gallery, 211 E. 6th St. BYOB: Blast Your Own Breath at Tammy Gomez hosts, 9-10:30 pm. tejana.tongue_at_mail.utexas.edu


312. Saturday, July 18 - Quackenbush's Coffee House, 2120 Guadalupe. Saturday Afternoon Live Poetry, APAL open mic, hosted by Diane Fleming. Sign up at 3 pm. Featured poet: Ed Glover. fmi, e buddydog_at_texas.net

Featured Poetry: This week's theme is 4th of July/Independence Day. The fireworks are over, but the poetry lives on.

Next week's theme is a cuckoo's nest kinda subject, psych treatment.

1. Alice Pero lives in So. Cal. For a year she produced the Live Poetry Show at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood. Her poem:


Gunpowder flowers

releasing their petals


3arj6 j jp]ook;oijjijijjhuo-wvoo0i90uu-wu9$94i94t4tt44t0000tiflorets of colors

that pierce the sky

Gunflower blasts

to startled eyes

Patterns stain dark

in an instant,

then die

An audience gasps

and waves little flags

small titillations

in tinier doses

that seem to remind them

that they are alive

Showering explosions

outside of their minds

outside of their troubles

outside of their lies

Radiant flows

in exterior worlds

a violence of colors

a beauty that flies

Under the showers

the rivers of light

the people in wonder

gunpowder shy

Flowers inside them

wait to release

a brilliance of colors

they never ask why

They run from their power

their glorious fire

larger than anything

made in the sky

2. Jan Houston of Dallas is an international freedom fighter. The following poem is being featured in Arcanum Cafe this month.


Out of oppression's heavy night

thick as steel

forged into living lies

from the might of Truth's betrayals...

through eons traveled

hails a shining promise...

a once blind hope

that kindled the brave hearts

of wounded warriors

killed again

again, again

defending Right

At long, long last arrived

into this day

the age old cry of Freedom

let it dawn...


for this is the true new world

Mankind in harmony

a sea of life in vibrant unison...


the Golden Age

© 1998 Jan Houston. All rights reserved

3. Larry Jaffe's poem explains itself in the title.

independence is not a day

written in honor of independence, not independence day

independence should not be a day

it should be a lifestyle

not just one day out of 365

of flag wave

buffoon parading

hot dog eating

picnic enchantments

independence is not just a day

it is freedom

to be

to do

to have

without fear

without retribution

without stepping

on someone else's toes

or getting in the way

of someone's destination

yet not stopping your

own travels and search

independence is not a day

it is spiritual certainty

to breathe the air

without sniffing

political pollen

to walk down streets

without needing

to defend

it is a government

of all the people

by the people

and for all the people

not just a privileged few

© 1998 lgjaffe

4. An anonymous poem of thanksgiving

There were many reasons

to be thankful for the rain

though it was not Thanksgiving;

it was Independence Day.

The grass was browned like

turkey in a roasting bag.

Gardens threatened suicide

what with water rations.

Humidity was thick as thieves

in a way only kids fail to note.

Fireworks ban will likely leave

some roadside vendors broke

Family barbeque was rained out.

Hardly anybody came.

My gratitude to all of you

who stayed home on my independence day.


Temporary Tattoos, A book of love poems by Chris Vannoy, © 1997 by The Poet's Tree Press. Contact Chris at CVannoy727_at_aol.com. 42 pages, 37 refreshingly readable poems. Also available is Soft Fists of Rain. Both priced at $7.


1. APAL free poetry workshop every Sunday at Quackenbush's Coffee House, 2120 Guadalupe. Starts at 2 pm. Bring 10 copies of an original poem.

2. On Saturday, July 11, at 7 p.m., Barnes & Noble at Westlake will host

the first of two summer poetry readings for the Austin International Poetry Festival's anthologies, di-verse-city and di-verse-city too. Editor Scott Wiggerman will host the readings, which feature many of Austin's best talents. Among the readers scheduled for the Barnes & Noble reading are Gloria Amescua, Richard Cole, Molly Todd, Peggy Lynch, Harriett Parker, Cindy Huyser, Larry Cordle, Robin Britton, Patricia Fiske, Christine Gilbert, Joddy Murray, and Frank Pool. Poets will be reading their poems from the anthologies as well as other original poems.

3. Calling for volunteers, needed for Slam Nationals in August. APAL is assisting Mike Henry and Phil West (Slam Master) and here is what is needed:

1. Distribute packets to businesses and possible sponsors. Solicit donations, sponsorships from these people. The packets will be ready in a few days. The packets contain information about the slam and information about sponsoring or donating money. Also, businesses that might donate items, services to silent auctions will be needed - so anyone who knows of a business willing to do this

should speak up.

2. Volunteer during slam week. There will be lots of volunteer opportunities. Sonya Feher is the volunteer coordinator. 326-9692 or sfeher_at_mail.utexas.edu

3. House out-of-town slam poets. Mark Maslow and Rev. Wyrdsli have already offered housing. Contact Phil West for this, pony_at_mail.utexas.edu.

4. Sara Sutterfield Winn is back in form, winning the slam last Tuesday at the Electric Lounge. Congrats, Sara! Check out the Austin Slam website at http://slam.home.texas.net/ If you have questions about the 1998 National Poetry Slam coming up in August, you can get them answered thru this website.

5. Brett Axel & Amy Ouzoonian tour:

"We will be at The Ruta Maya Coffee House (218 W. 4th, Austin) Tuesday,

August 18th & at Jobita's Restaraunt (1619 South 1st Street, Austin) Monday, August 24 7:00 PM.

Both readings will have an open mic.

We need places to read/meet with potentially publishable poets/sleep Sat 22nd and Tuesday the 25th around Dallas, and Sunday 23 around Austin

Please e-mail Linda at axels_at_mhv.net or call her at (914) 343-1377 to offer assistance."

6. Janet Colligne of Rochester, known as Lilacborn to nearly every poet on AOL, has featured my good friend Larry Jaffe on her "Petals of the Rose" website this month. I invite you to read her comments, reprinted by permission, and visit her superlative site.

"I want to say a little bit about the poem I selected of Jaffe's for this month, because it is a special poem for me. Unlike Jaffe, who sees this poem from the eyes of someone of Jewish heritage, I am German. One quarter German to be exact and a German major in addition. I learned many things while studying the German language and people. I learned that these people are people of hospitality and a very strong work ethic. They are people who worked incredibly hard after the bombings and war to rebuild not only the structures of their country, but also the integrity of their land. Yet, to know this was not enough for me. Every time I saw a German film, I wanted to know how one man, Hitler, could put such a blight on a people.

"In my senior year of college, I got permission to study Nazi propaganda. It was then that I spent two full days watching the brilliant and horrific Nazi propaganda film 'Triumph of the Will.' A cinematic masterpiece, the film placed back to back images of saluting Hitler and marching through the streets juxtapositioned with images of German festivals and culture. The imagery and power of this film was shocking and breathtaking.

"In Jaffe's poem 'Anthem,' the poet does an equally powerful juxtapositioning of images. This time, the marching through streets, the saluting of Hitler is juxtapositioned against the shouting of a proud Jewish people--a people ready to rebuild and fight for their heritage. Larry Jaffe has built an animated site to best serve those wishing to understand the atrocity of the holocaust and the pride of the Jewish culture. You may see it now by going to the main menu of my web site and clicking the nazi screams link. http://members.aol.com/lilacborn/index.html

7. Clint Small sent this review of Monday night at the Arthouse in Melbourne, Australia:

Thom and Melbourne guitarist, Clint Small hit the stage with singer Neena

Wynter, guitarist Robbie Grieg and percussionist Milan for a driving, high

energy set of totally improvised poetry and music.

Although four of the performers had worked in various configurations before,

no-one had ever met Milan before. Musical inspiration covered everything

from reggae to techno - not bad for an acoustic (although partly amplified)

group - while the poetry improvisations dealt with the joys and alienations

of travel, the rituals of the solstice and the power of poetry.

The near capacity crowd drunk in the fiery performance, reflecting the

performers' energies back to them, spurring them on to greater leaps of


Those who were also at last year's performance in the same venue by Thom,

Clint and Neena with an electric band were amazed at the difference in style

and are already looking forward to next year's performance which, of course,

will be different again. When these people say, "For One Night Only" they

are totally serious. Totally.

8. Reminder: The North American Poetry Jam/NAP JAM 2 is coming up in September. If you are not yet registered, as in, have not forked over the registration fee, contact bowerbird_at_aol.com, or e mail me.

9. Howard Frost called me Trans Atlantic the other day, sends love to all his APAL and AIPF friends. Plans to return for next year's festival.

Welcome to new subscribers. APAL newsletter now goes to five countries. Submit your poems, your chap book listings, comments and announcements in e mail text.

Anyone wanting off the mailing list, e mail me.

If you can't be with the one you love, write a poem.

Much love,


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thank u dear stazja


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To: Stazja_at_aol.com (INTERNET:Stazja_at_aol.com)

Hi Stajza,

I hope you had a good journey home. I spent time in Key

West some years ago and loved it. Florida is an interesting state to visit,

I enjoyed the Everglades.

We are having a terrible summer, all rain and no sunshine. See if you can

send some over the net.

Much love Alex xxx

Subj: Re: austin poets at large #35

Date: 98-07-06 19:31:22 EDT

From: Shana2001

To: Stazja


We sure are going to miss you at the Rebel tonight. Thanks for being part of a poetry renaissance at that open mike night; just a few months ago we couldn't quiet people down enough to listen...now, people are opening up their ears eagerly!

Are the poetry venues you listed also acoustic music rooms? I ask this because I am dead-set on coming to Austin this year and would like to find a few places to play.

Glad we're in touch...keep knockin' 'em dead!

Your pal,



P.S. I am going to read the Independence Day poems from your mailer at the Rebel tonight! :-)

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Subj: Re: austin poets at large #35

Date: 98-07-07 00:07:59 EDT

From: Lilacborn

To: Stazja

Thank you for the kind words about my site. One correction, if I may. If this is used in Poetic Voices, my last name is Collinge. Janet Collinge. Most people call me Janet on aol, so I would like that noted. Thanks a lot, Stazja.

Subj: FW: austin poets at large #35

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Sent: Monday, July 06, 1998 10:13 PM

To: larry_at_jaffe2.com

Subject: Re: austin poets at large #35

Thanks Larry!

I enjoyed your Independent Poems thoroughly. Planning to get out your way

this year and am glad to be introduced to this wonderful mailing list!


singer/songwriter/etc. :-)