Good Morning Poets and Poetesses of the world!

Deja vu, I'm in Florida! Went shopping at a thrift store, found a 1946 edition of Roget's International Thesaurus, hardbound, for a mere (are you ready for this?) $1!

And it contains some quotes by famous people about our fave art form. I'm going to share a few with you. Right now! Are you ready? Here goes:

"I do but sing because I must." Tennyson

"I learnt life from the poets." De Stael

"Who writes oetry imbibes honey from the poisoned lips of life." W.R. Benet

"A poem should not mean, but be." A. MacLeish

Ah, so. On to the APAL Poets Guide:

1. Monday, June 8 - An interview party with L.A. poet Michelle Serros will take place at Movements Gallery, located at 211 E. 6th St.(downtown Austin) beginning at 5pm. See announcements section for details.

2. Tuesday, June 9 - Ruta Maya Coffee House, 4th and Lavaca. APAL open mic sign up at 6:30 pm. Laura Moliter returns to host featured poet Thom the World Poet, launching his new chap book, Chants and Incantations.

3. Wednesday, June 10 - BYOB (Blast Your Own Breath) at Movements Gallery, 211 E. 6th St. Hosted by Tammy Gomez. 9 to 10:30 pm.

4. Thursday, June 11 - Barry's Coffee House in Temple. 7 pm. The Central Texas Live Poetry Society features Thom the World Poet debuting his chapbook, Chants and Incantations. For more info, contact morrie greene at

5. Saturday, June 13 - Quackenbush's Coffee House, 2120 Guadalupe. APAL open mic hosted by Diane Fleming. Featured poet Thom the World Poet launching his new book, The Death of Frank Sinatra. 2:30 pm

6. Tuesday, June 16 - Ruta Maya Coffee House, 4th & Lavaca. APAL open mic hosted by Sara Sutterfield Winn and Mark Maslow. Sign up at 6:30 pm.

7. Tuesday, June 16 - Fadó Irish Pub, 214 W. 4th Street (next door to Ruta Maya).

Bloomsday, A Literary Matinee, JOIN US FOR AN EVENING OF IRISH LITERATURE, LAUGHTER, AND FUN as we celebrate one of the most influential novels of the 20th century. Ulysses, is the epic reconstruction of a single day in Dublin - 6 to 8:30 pm. For more information see announcements section.

8. Wednesday, June 17- Movements Gallery at 211 E. 6th St. BYOB (Blast Your Own Breath) Hosted by Tammy Gomez. 9 to 10:30 pm.

9. Saturday, June 20 - Quackenbush's Coffee House, 2120 Guadalupe, APAL open mic, sign up at 3 pm, hosted by Diane Fleming. For more info, e mail

10. Tuesday, June 23 - Ruta Maya Coffee House, 4th and Lavaca. APAL open mic, sign up at 6:30 pm, co-hosted by Sara Sutterfield Winn and Mark Maslow. For more info,

11. Wednesday, June 24 - Movements Gallery at 211 E. 6th St. BYOB(Blast Your Own Breath) Hosted by Tammy Gomez. 9 to 10:30 pm.

12. Thursday, June 25 - Ebony Sun Java House, 1209 E. 11th Street, Suite C. East Side Black & White, APAL open mic, sign up at 7:30 pm. Featured poet Ivan Miller & friends of Austin Ebony Poets. Guest host Krysten Tyner. For more info call 472-8875

13. Saturday, June 27 - Windsor Village Branch Library, 5851 Berkman Drive. Past Poetry Project begins its third season! We will open with a reading of "Pablo Neruda" (in Spanish with English translations). 2 pm, admission free. for more info, contact

14. Saturday, June 27 - Quackenbush's Coffee House, 2120 Guadalupe. Saturday Night Live Poetry in the afternoon. APAL open mic, sign up at 3 pm, hosted by Diane Fleming.

Featured Poems - I have a love theme going this week,,, got a gamut of good ones

Next week's theme will be the state of humanity. Poems are welcome from any state, or country, or planet or galaxy or universe, as long as the poem is about mankind (no mantiskind or manraykind poems accepted, unless relevant to mankind)

1. David Ziff lives in Boca Raton, Florida. He sent me a dozen sonnets, it was most difficult to select just one,,, I chose this one because I like the rhyming scheme,,, and the poem itself.

By any standard an unworthy start -

you wanted me and, yes, I wanted you;

it would be just a one-night stand we knew,

all physical and nothing from the heart.

We¹d satisfy ourselves and then depart,

no time for flowers, music or to woo,

the morning after just good-bye, thank you,

no vapid vows until death do us part.

No good could come from such a rendezvous,

from something so devoid of grace and art,

unquestionably nothing lasting or true,

such foolishness had doomed us from the start.

We broke the rules, infringed on each taboo,

yet love beat all the odds .... didn't it, sweetheart?

2. "You notice such beautiful quiet moments. You are constantly aware... You give me hope for the rest of mankind :)" wrote one reader of this new love poem by L.A. poet Larry Jaffe:

sleeping hands

searching through twilight

senses slowly quieting

from daylight noise

then silence suddenly

emerging unannounced

for those who can hear such things

it forms a misty haze for

fleeting memories that now seem

like so much gibberish and nonsense

when not absorbed into daily life

looking at you through this veil of reverie

and realizing we sleep together

through nightmares and dreams

holding hands in this nocturnal neighborhood

gripping each other gently

through the night

have you ever noticed

that when we sleep

we hold hands

not fists made of love

but fingers mingling in

tender embraces

digital hugs enacted

in fine tuned

delicate squeezes

hands drawn to each other

in palm to palm soft slumber

our hands sleeping together

as we curl and spoon

walking through dreams

arm in arm

holding hands

as we sleep.

© 1998 lgjaffe

3. Beautiful Alex Krysinski, across "the big pond", said of this recent poem: "I have been trying to write it for some months but then it burst out in the middle of the night,,," ( you all know how that goes, right?)


He asked me for my heart

and I gave it,

unaware he would deny me his

as a replacement.

And this loss

causes me to wither

like a land in draught.

Poets, philosophers,

offer salvation to parched souls

but they do not possess the power

to quench this thirst.

I have become ghost like;

a mapless wanderer;

searching for an ocean

land-locked in memory.

I saw him once;

in a fallen tear

on the skin of night.

For an eternal second

a poem caused pretence to fall

like a city under siege

and love touched love

across enforced distance.


neither thoughts nor words

can cover the miles

to touch a man

who has become invisible;

but he who possesses my heart

is himself possessed.

He will feel my shadow

as I move through the world;

catch my scent on th edge of sleep

like a lucid dream.

And this restless spirit

will not lay down

I am searching for the sound

of my own heart-beat.

(C) Alexandria Janenna Krysinski 98

4. And finally, from Bristol, England, a Tim Gibbard love poem I ran in the newsletter once, before the festival. Now that Tim's inspiration has e mail, and the theme is love, here tis again:

Let me be your horizon, displayed in all directions.

Let me be your sky, misted with windy tears,

Your dreams beyond waking touch.

From here to the nearest star and back to you,

A message still warm from it's travels.

Let me be your mountain, a grandeur in the distance.

Let me be your ocean, the excitement of a furthest shore,

Your future unknown by your present.

Hold me at a thought's length, for a thought's length

And our thoughts will meet across the curving earth.

Let me be your sun, soft lighting your days.

Let me be your air, the breath in the trees,

Your nights enfolded by me.

Lying alone, together in our separate darkness',

Feeling a presence even in it's absence.

Let me be your walls, so you may feel weak within.

Let me be your earth, begging flowers from you roots,

Your life secured by faith.

My heart beating in the streets on which you walk,

Touching your bare feet as you dance.

Let me be yours, curled at the foot of your bed.

Let me be yours, gathered in your pockets,

Cupped in your hands,

Swept by the waves of your hair,

Held close to your lips and smiled upon,

The safety of your skin calling me to sleep.

Let me be your world.

Let me be,


The tiniest flash in your beautiful eyes.

For GVC.

Chap Books

"Thom the World Poet has done it again. Here is a book by a poet... for the poet in you! The unveiling of his newest chapbook in June, Chants and Incantations, is in keeping with the spirit of Thom. Freshness, rebirth, mixed with mystery, he continues to ask questions of humankind and the universe, and if readers listen... they just might hear the answers. A book by a poet... for poets." For price and acquisition, contact


1. The APAL free poetry workshop every Sunday at Quackenbush's Coffee House, 2120 Guadalupe, beginning at 2 pm. The workshop will be conducted by APAL members on a rotational basis, John Hawk is taking a break,,,, You did a great job, Hawk!

2. Michelle Serros, now touring to promote her book _Chicana Falsa_ (Riverhead

Books, 1998), is an award-winning, frequently anthologized poet and commentator who toured with Lollapalooza as a "Road Poet" in 1994.

Michelle Serros will be interviewed live at Movements Gallery, by Tammy Gomez, host of the weekly "Blast Your Own Breath Spoken Word Sessions," which she inaugurated in January 1998 at Movements Gallery (voted "Best New Multi-Disciplinary Space" in 1997 by the _Austin Chronicle_).

The interview with Michelle Serros will also be recorded for later broadcast on

KO.OP (91.7 FM) Radio's "Notes from a Broad," a weekly women's news/culture

magazine. Also, local Chicana poet/actresses (including Jennifer Cardenas)

will perform original work.

For a Tex-Mex-flavored spoken word and media event, the public is invited

to join in the festivities (pinata and more) on Monday, June 8th at 5pm.

For more information, please call Tammy Gomez at 512/441-POET.



as we celebrate one of the most influential novels of the 20th century.

Ulysses, is the epic reconstruction of a single day in Dublin - June 16, 1904.

Place: Fadó Irish Pub Time : 6:00 PM - 8:30 PM

Date : June 16 Emcee: THOM THE WORLD POET

Contact # for Booking 416-7435

Be sure and read up on your Limericks, Rhymes, Poems, & Short

Readings for our open mike reading. All participants will receive an award

of some kind so lets get creative! Afterwards we will have music provided by

Andra Mitrovich at 9:00 PM.

Fadó Irish Pub 214 W. 4th St. 512.457.0172

4. From Ariel: Samurai Poets

no submissions, no subscriptions, no ads, no grants, no sponsors

absolute freedom

"truth is a dangerous Angel who walks free deep in the thralldom of Fascism"

freedom of speech, human rights, pirate radio and zapatismo

art activism vs the media blitz

the local scene reflects the universal

austin microcosm, as above so below

alchemical motifs and voodun designs

will be on sale from publisher/editor Ariel Keridwen

and at Fringe Ware

5. Laura Lovas, who attended AIPF '98 and read at Diverse Arts, is having an art show. Here is her invitation, for central Floridians and anyone in the area:

"Wild and Wonder Full" artwork by Laura J. Lovas (illustrator for Larry Jaffe) will be on exhibit at the University Club of Winter Park Art Gallery on the corner of Park and Webster Avenues.

Free champagne reception, open to the public on June 14th from 2-4 pm

The show runs from June 1st - 30th, hours of viewing are from 9 am to 4 pm daily.

For more information, e mail Laura at

6. Brett Axel and Amy Ouzoonian, Poets and Editors on tour from NYC will be in Austin on Tuesday, August 18. Here is a press release about their tour.

Brett is a poet, playwright, and editor of Outlet Poetry Journal. His poetry has been widely published in his twenty-five year career, appearing in anthologies, periodicals, and books. He is a 1997 Nuyorican Poets Cafe slam winner and his 1977 Play, En Passant, earned him the Parkhurst Award. Brett's poetry has been translated into twelve different languages and published all over the world.His new book, "The Spastic Grandson" (1998) is now available from Heaven Bone press.

Amy "Uzi" Ouzoonian is an award winning Armenian American poet and editor of New York's foremost arts and literary magazines, A Gathering of the Tribes, in New York City. Her poetry has appeared in several periodicals. As an actress,ps by Steve Cannon One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest as Candy Starr, and co-wrote and appeared in the critically acclaimed Off-Broadway poetry play, Diner Eucharist with Brett Axel. Amy is currently editing an anthology of young female poets. Her first book of poetry, Inkubaiting Estrogin was recently released from Fly By Night Press."Amy Ouzoonian has the ability to mix girlish charm with a mature woman's insight" -- The Village Voice.

While on tour, both Amy and Brett are actively scouting for submissions to the magazines they are associated with and look forward to meeting the poets of the various communities they are visiting.

Tour Schedule.

NY/NJ/PA: June 14 - July 7

MD/VA/NC July 8 - 16

GA/ALA July 17 - August 1

FLA/LA/MISS August 2-13

ARK/TEX/OK August 14-22

MO/ILL/IND August 23 - 28

MICH/OH/PA Aug 29 - Sept 5

NJ/NY/CN/MASS Sept 6-18

To book Brett and Amy while on this tour or to offer support or a place to sleep

Please e-mail: or call (914) 343-1377

That's it for now. Hope you enjoyed. Anyone wanting off the mailing list, please e me.

Much love,