Poets and Poetesses, Rhymers and Reasoners,

A pat on the back to each of you who did one or more of the following in the past week:

1. Wrote at least one poem.

2. Made it out to read or listen to live poetry.

3. Helped someone else write a poem or improve on a poem.

4. Sold a chap book, poetry cd or poetry cassette

And if you did all four of the above, let me know. I'll put you on the newsletter honor roll, beginning next week.

APAL Poets Guide:

1. Tuesday, February 3 - Ruta Maya Coffee House at 4th and Lavaca. APAL open mic, hosted by Laura Moliter. Sign up 6:30 pm

2. Tuesday, February 3 - Electric Lounge at 302 Bowie. Open mic, hosted by Mike Henry/Phil West. Sign up at 8:00 pm

3. Wednesday, Feb. 4 - New Voices will temporarily be held at 304 E. 5th Street, in the KOOP studio. Featured poet - Raven Moonchild. Apal open mic, hosted by Stazja McFadyen and Jennifer Williams. 8 p.m.

4. Wednesday, Feb. 4 - Blast Your Own Breath: BYOB Spoken Word Session. Movements Gallery, 211 E. 6th St., 9 - 10:30 p.m. Tammy Gomez hosts.

5. Thursday, Feb. 5 - Book People features Sue Littleton, reading from her book "Ekutsihimmiyo" (the Cheyenne word for Milky Way, literally translated "the road that hangs down from the heaven." Legend is that when the Cheyenne dies, the spirit goes up the road that hangs from heaven.) 6th and Lamar, 7 p.m. please bring your friends for an evening of excellent friendship and wonderfilled poetry-enquiries and bookings-416-7435 (Please note, the date of this read was changed)

6. Sat., Feb. 7th - Poetry in the Arts features Herman Nelson and Stazja McFadyen. Texas History Center, next to main library on Guadalupe. 2 pm

7. Sat., Feb 7th - Glosso Babel will feature at Quack's APAL Saturday Night Live Poets, a benefit for APAL, followed by open mic. John Hawk, host. 2120 Guadalupe, 7 p.m.

8. Sat., Feb 7th - Highlife Cafe will be a St Valentine's reading of FAVORITE CLASSIC LOVE POETS (Neruda,Barrett etc ) from 7:30. Free admission-1407 7th Street -check with Lydia Prestwood at Feliz_at_mail.utexas.edu for more details.

9. Sunday, Feb 8 - APAL free poetry workshop. 2 p.m. Conducted by John Hutton. Meeting at Jennifer Williams', 4522 S. 2nd. For directions call 441-4701 or email leftsock_at_hotmail.com

10. Tuesday, Feb. 10 - Ruta Maya Coffee House APAL open mic hosted by Laura Moliter. 4th and Lavaca, sign up at 6:30

11. Tuesday, Feb. 10 - Electric Lounge - 302 Bowie - Slam. Yes Slam. And another the last Tuesday of February. And beginning in March, weekly slams. Hosted by Genevieve Van Cleeve. Sign up 8 p.m. $3 admission

12. Wednesday, Feb. 11 - Blast Your Own Breath: BYOB Spoken Word Session. Movements Gallery, 211 E. 6th St., 9 - 10:30 p.m. Tammy Gomez hosts

13. Saturday, Feb 14 - APAL Saturday Night Live Poets at Quack's. Clebo Rainey is featured. Hosted by John Hawk. 2120 Guadalupe. Open mic sign up at 7 pm

14. St. Valentine's Day - Saturday, February 14, 1998 at 7 pm at Book People, 6th and Lamar. Presented by Thom the World Poet in conjunction with Book People: A night of love poems featuring: Wendy Woodruff, Sue Littleton, Patricia Fiske, Joy Owen, Susanne Vance, Morrie Green and very special guest poets. 7 pm. for info call Thom the World Poet at 416-7635

15. Sunday, Feb 15 - Bombay Bicycle Club open mic reading at 7pm screening at

9pm FREE! open to the public. Farid will be video'ing for Texas Nafas! ACTV poetry program.

16. Tues., Feb. 17 - Ruta Maya APAL open mic, signup 6:30. Laura Moliter hosts.

17. Wednesday, Feb 18. Blast Your Own Breath: BYOB Spoken Word Session. Movements Gallery, 211 E. 6th St., 9 - 10:30 p.m. Tammy Gomez hosts

18. Thursday, Feb. 19 - Poesia y Sur at Mexic-Arte Museum - Sue Littleton lovingly features the works of Gabriella Mistral. 419 Congress, 7 p.m.

19. Thursday, Feb. 19 - East End Black and White in Color at Ebony Sun Java House. Floyd Freeman is featured poet, followed by open mic. 1209 E. 11th Street, Suite C, 7:30 p.m. Stazja hosts.

20. Saturday, Feb. 21 - APAL Saturday Night Live Poets at Quackenbush's, 2120 Guadalupe, featured poet: Thom the World Poet releasing his very newest and yellowest chap book, Made in Australia which i will be reviewing in the newsletter. Open Mic. Sign up at 7 p.m.

and if anyone plans more than 3 weeks in advance, e mail me.

And what happened last week?

Tuesday at Ruta Maya, we had sign ups coming out of the woodwork! Sorry to you who arrived late and didn't get on the list. Sign up is at 6:30. Welcome back Abbie Green.

Tuesday at Electric Lounge. Hey, congratulations to Karyna Perkins, winning the slam and $50 with "Thong Underwear Poem".

Wednesday at 2222 Rio Grande New Voices - Clint McCown did a helluva a feature performance. Thanks a million to Jennifer for covering the first hour. Sign ups were highest ever!

Saturday at Quack's - Dr. Marvin Kimbrough and Floyd Freeman featured, the audience enjoyed. Laura Moliter moved us with her poem about the red haired girl.

And now (drum roll) for your favorite part, the featured poems.

1. Circe is the sensous lady behind StarSaga (visit her website at http://www/starsage/com/) Her chapbook, Castles in the Air, co-authored with Donn Deedon, is reviewed in the February issue of Next... Magazine.

She will be coming to AIPF '98 Montrose, California. Here is her poem:

Delight The Night

delight the night

feel the pulse in me

keeping time

with the erratic drum beat

your heart answering

soft sighs meeting sighs

lips begin to explore

hear the snare drum!

subtle brush strokes

of bodies entwined

muted thumping

bongos give chase

to the faint steam of sweat

primal urges rise

double quick stattaco beat

of heartbeats, heartbeats

tension seeking tension's release

primordial chants!

screams escaping me!

urging...pulling you

deep into me

drum soloing

finding what i need

crescendo calls...

igniting me

and the bass drum



keeping time

to the cymbals crash

and the tamborine sounds

of your body in mine....

2. 70 year old poet laureate of Texas Albert Huffstickler is known to many. I spent a memorable half hour with him recently, and bought his chap book City in the Rain from which this poem is taken.

Madonna of the Dispossessed

This is a poem for the fat, middleaged, impossibly drunk Indian


whose long hair streamed around her as she was forcibly evicted

from the Grand Canyon Cafe in Flagstaff, screaming at the top of

her lungs,

"Get off my reservation! Get off my Goddamn reservation!"

Take it from me, the dignity of that grotesque and improbable form

was as great

as that of San Francisco Peak which towered above the scene,

brooding and majestic,

kachinas poised to leap into action at a moment's notice and defend

the faithful

though for some unknown reason they were not around

when our brown and dusty heroine was thrust out the door of the

Grand Canyon Cafe

and into the sunny streets of Flagstaff still screaming at the top of

her lungs

and stumbled off still screaming and is screaming still her rage and

her sorrow

and will continue to scream until that day comes

when the force of her outrage lifts San Francisco Peak and flings it


into the streets of Flagstaff, obliterating in a single sweep

the monstrous invaders totally and for all time.

And one by one the homeless and abandoned

crawl forth from their darkened burrows and reclaim their place

while Our Lady of the Dispossessed sits watching,

a beatific, drunken smile on her worn face.

© 1993 by Albert Huffstickler

And now for announcements:

1. Some how I got on the poets mailing list, which I love. And, I am really interested in Austin poets and what the have to say, the problem is I have a new baby and getting out to these things is really hard, I almost have to say impossible. How can I keep informed and read whats out there with out attending any of the open mikes? Are there any publications out there that I could pick up, and is there any way that I could get my voice heard?

Appreciate any help you can offer.


Michelle E.

2. Great job your doing with the APAL Poets Guide. Will you please mention Austin's Poetry Pages at http://www.geocities.com/soho/cafe/7625 in your next edition? I would appreciate it greatly. I will have flyers for

the site passed out at several events after Valentine's Day. Your name

has also been added to the site. Thank you for your help.


3. APAL Free Poetry Workshop

improve your poems by exchanging encouragement and feedback with your fellow poets in a casual setting

sundays 2 pm

location varies. Sunday, Feb 8, 4522 S. 2nd (home of Jennifer Williams)

host: John Hutton

bring 10 copies of your poem to receive comments

bringing snacks is encouraged

call 494-1192 for locations, directions, and more information or e-mail


4. Dear poets and poetesses:

Texas Nafas is the spirited poetry show we're bringing you on Austin

Community Access TV, channel 10, Sunday nights at 9 p.m. We hope you've

had the opportunity to watch it. We are doing our best to cover the

local poetry venues and showcase poets with lively interviews and

readings. Our goal is to help increase awareness of the wonderful poetry

scene in Austin and to make it accessible to everyone.

We are establishing our nonprofit status and seeking grant support. If

you like our show and support the idea of what we are doing, please

consider becoming a sponsor. We will accept donations in any amount,

but for each $50 contributed, sponsors will receive a copy of a tape of

their favorite show. Often we receive requests for copies of tapes, but

we cannot fill all these requests and regret that we cannot afford to

supply copies of our tapes for less than a $50 donation.

We are in the process of applying for a grant from the Cultural

Contracts Program, City of Austin, Parks and Recreation Department. If

you support our program, please help us by writing to the members of the

Advisory Panel listed below, letting them know that Texas Nafas is a

wonderful show and deserves a grant. This is very important, because we

need evidence that our show has local support. Thank you very much.

Please do this soon! Also, please send a copy of your letter to Farid

Mohammadi, 1222 Algarita Ave., #224, Austin, TX 78704.

Advisory Panel Roster (please send a copy of your support letter to each


Hector Galan, 7108 Bright Star Ln, Austin, TX 78736

Beverly Holston, 2302 C. Enfield Rd., Austin, TX 78703

Jim Bob McMillan, 1451 S. Meadows, Austin, TX 78758

Jo Anne Outley, 4919 Manchester Circle, Austin, TX 78745

Milissa Santos, P.O. Box 163403, Austin, TX 78716

Thank you for contributing your time to help promote Texas Nafas, the

poetry show, the "breath" ("nafas") of Austin.


Christine Gilbert for Texas Nafas


5. 2222 Rio Grande Coffee Haus is temporarily closed. New Voices APAL venue carries on Wednesday at 8 p.m. at the KOOP Radio location at 304 E. 5th Street, 3rd Floor, thanks to the KOOP Board of Trustees and to Paul Odekirk, coordinator of Grassroots News Network. 2222 Rio Grande manager expects to be opened again very soon. Yeah!

6. North American Poetry Jam in Las Vegas, March 2-5. Advance registration fee of $20 must be postmarked today, Feb. 2. details from Bowerbird Intelligentleman:


"dear jammer-

thank you for supporting "jam" by signing up to come! you'll be glad you did, i assure you.

the dates for the jam in las vegas are set. it'll be: monday, march 2nd through thursday, march 5th.

if you can't make it, please inform me immediately. we're gonna have a blast, and i'm sorry you'll miss it, but i understand. #2 will be september 21-25, 1998.

if you are going to come, please tell me right away.it will help me greatly to know how many people to expect.in addition, please send your jam registration in now to:


c/o leslie hanson

1427 harvard (b)

santa monica, ca 90404

registration is $20 if it's postmarked by february 2nd (groundhog's day), $25 if it's postmarked later than that. (the fee may go up even higher as time passes, so don't delay.)

registration gives you:

* a reduced-price hotel room

* free admission to all shows during jam

* optional 3-minute performance slot

* inclusion on the historic videotapes

* a free copy of one of the videotapes

* the option to buy the other videotapes at cost

* certification as a jammer

* a surprise or two...

please make checks payable to my girlfriend, leslie hanson.

if you want, you can also include the fee for your hotel room. i'm estimating that your _total_ 4-night cost for a double-occupancy room will end up being $64 per person ($32/night/room = $16/night/poet * 4 nights = $64.) (additional people in the room are $16/night as well.)

however, as an incentive for you to send money promptly, i'll reduce that to $60 if you include it with your registration. (i'm still nailing down the final details on the hotel rates, so if the room ends up costing less, i'll refund you the difference.

and if it's more, i'll still honor the $60, so you'll save money.)

the room fee _will_ have to be paid in advance of the jam, so you might as well pay it now and get the reduced rate. but if you don't have it right now, just do the $20 to register.

so, make it $20 if you just want to register, $80 if you want to register and pay for your room right away.

all fees (registration and hotel) are _totally_refundable_ if circumstances change and you are unable to make it.

if you have any questions at all, feel free to e-mail them to me.

i expect the hotel situation to be resolved within a week and everything else is proceeding very smoothly, so it's gonna be a _very_ memorable event,

and i thank you for being one of the people who are making it happen..."

7. Still need housing for international poets coming to the festival in April.

e mail me if you have room and hospitality. and muchos gracias to those who have already volunteered

8. Deadline to register for Austin International Poetry Festival '98 is extended to February 15. For application forms, call 918-AIPF, or e mail aipf98_at_aol.com or register on line at AIPF '98 website: http://www.hyperweb.com/aipf/

9. 8. INTERNATIONAL POETS WELCOME TO TEXAS! SUNDAY,MARCH 29 at 1pm at a ranch near San Antonio,a Texas bbq welcome for the International Poets will be held.Luminaries visiting include 76 yr young environmentalist feminist poet VENIE HOLMGREN,JAY WOODMAN popular publisher and performer and guest ofaipf96,as well as those scallywags of Bristol Slam poetry-TIM GIBBARD, RUPERT HOPKINS and JERRY JIGGER.Tickets,which include the bbq,as well as the talents of COWBOY POETS,SINGERS,GUNSLINGERS,TEXAS LONGHORNS (to ride and to eat)are only $10 and are available now at your weekly poetry venues-Ruta Maya Tuesdays at 6.30, Quackenbushs on Saturdays at 7pm or by contacting Thom (512) 416 7435 or Stazja (512) 346-7773 in Austin or Chris Crabtree (210) 674-8779 in San Antonio

10. From Frank Pool, AIPF '98 Chairman:

The Austin Younger Poets Awards will be presenting $100.00 in prizes and publication in the Austin Younger Poets Awards anthology in conjunction with the Austin International Poetry Festival in April. Young people up to the age of 19 are eligible for the prizes, but work of college students will be considered for publication in the anthology. All poets published in the anthology will receive a free copy and an invitation to read their work in public at AIPF 98. For information, call 346-8717 or email AIPF98_at_aol.com

11. From Phil West, hosting National Slam in August: Do you know anyone who would be good for volunteering for us? We know that, come August, we'll need people we trust to scorekeep and timekeep and run scores to the big computer. Now we just need ideas and people willing to do the legwork. Phil West e mail pony_at_mail.utexas.edu

12. If you would like your poetry to appear in the newsletter, send away. Please include a little info about yourself.

13. Announce your chap books in the APAL newsletter. Send title, price, address, and stuff like that. Beginning next week, I will add the chap book listing section.

Thanks to everyone who supports APAL and the newsletter. If you want off the mailing list, e mail me.

Love and reminder that Valentine's day

is less than two weeks away. <3


Subj: Re: austin poets at large #13

Date: 98-02-02 22:30:04 EST

From: SamIAm0423

To: Stazja

Ah! That's my letter! What a surprise! I am going to make it to one of the open mikes this month, so could you suggest one that is guaranteed to be worth leaving the house? One that's always a huge success? (I bet your thinking "silly girl, they are all worth your time!")

Michelle :o)

Subj: austin poets at large #13 -Reply

Date: 98-02-02 11:05:32 EST

From: Cynthia.Manor_at_ci.austin.tx.us (Manor, Cynthia)

To: Stazja_at_aol.com (IPM Return requested) (Receipt notification requested) (Reply requested)

i know this is going to sound dumb, but until recently, i never knew what

a "chapbook" was. i've figured out that it's a collection of some sort of

poetry. can you give me a clear definition of what it means?? i feel

really dumb asking this question, but i guess i don't know much about the

poetry SCENE.


Subj: Re: austin poets at large #13

Date: 98-02-03 09:46:01 EST

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Hiya! This is Walker in Wichita Falls, TX! Thanks for the newsletters! It's good to see that APAL is alive and kicking! Keep 'em coming!

I'd like to ask you a favor to include some info. in one of your upcoming newsletters. I've just recieved permission to start a monthly poetry reading at

in Wichita Falls. I'd like to extend an open invitation to any poets who want to visit to send me information so that I can feature some of them. Hastings will allow them to check their chapbooks into the system when they are here and sell them through their store. Everybody who is interested should either contact me via email magic_mushroom_at_writeme.com or trww_at_bigfoot.com call me at (940)691-5576, or write me at Walker / 3305½ Garfield St. / Wichita Falls / TX / 76308.

Thanks and Best Wishes!